Aspire was a one of a kind social entrepreneurship convention organised by Enactus NSIT where the sole motto is mentoring, encouraging and nurturing, social ventures.
Project Pratham is one of the first and one of the most successful projects to be initiated by ENACTUS NSIT. Project aims at empowering underprivileged communities in DWARKA especially the large number of rag pickers living in the suburban areas and making an environmental impact at the same time.
An Enactus NSIT venture with women empowerment at its core is Project Aakriti. Through our efforts we have managed to train them in the art of making paper products, handicrafts and bags. In our project we initially trained and motivated them, made them believe in the real power even a small group or a ‘samooh’ in Hindi could have in bringing about change in the society
Farm to fork is another promising project started by ENACTUS NSIT members. After the successful completion of project pratham in December 2012, another project was conceptualized by the team with a aim to help the farmers in suburban areas in Dwarka.
Awards and Achievements
Enactus NSIT won the North India regionals of 2012 and Project Aakriti was a finalist at events at IIT Bombay and IIM Calcutta. Also, Project Aakriti received Walmart Grant for its Women Empowerment Programme.

Seeing possibilities. Taking action. Enabling progress.

I am an extroverted and sociable person who always loves to be surrounded by people! At Enactus NSIT, one does not just get to interact with people from different societies but also gets an opportunity to reveal to them their skills and help them lead a sustainable life. Working in a team and brainstorming on disruptive ideas has always been a passion and being a part of Enactus NSIT has fueled this passion!
I am a start-up enthusiast and I love to innovate and think out-of-box. Enactus - this marriage of social work and entrepreneurship has instated my belief in tackling real world problems from the bottom-up. 
A gregarious person .I love reading books and have a penchant for things that are a bit wacky. Enactus has helped me in honing my leadership and business management adeptness and to create an impact on society.My ideology-Be the one to make a difference.
ICE 3rd yr student. I like to explore new places try different cuisines. I am a hard working person who does everything with proper planning. Interested in non technical stuff like analysis, advisory etc thus joined Enactus 
Third year student, IT. I like to travel and explore new places. I am very fond of Italian food, chuck lorre tv shows and soccer.I spend my free time learning to cook or playing some new tunes on my guitar
I'm a 2nd year ECE student with an avid interest in sports particularly Lawn Tennis! Learning about new stuff and cars is my passion. I love to help the society and make it better and that's why i joined Enactus!
A free spirited guy with a "question everything" attitude. I like to engage in philosophical discussions and writing but have a knack for sports and partying too! Intensely interested in entrepreneurship and feel immense satisfaction on helping anyone and everyone. At Enactus it's just me in my element!
People Planet Profit thats what i believe in, HIMYM and HP fan and always missing in action.
My biggest motivation to work in this organisation is the fact that the principles of ENACTUS do not ask of its members to engage in social work.But instead,it seeks to create sustainable business models which enable communities to free themselves from the clutches of poverty and despair.These wonderful projects that we take up at ENACTUS also bring with them the opportunity of harnessing leadership and business management skills in oneself.
An avid reader, I like to delve into different genres and also maintain a personal blog.Stay hungry, Stay Foolish! The motto which drives me to try and implement new, creative ideas which brings out the entrepreneur in me.  Making a difference is what I wanted to do and Enactus allows me to be the change I wanted to see.
I have an attitude of staying happy no matter what and love making people laugh. Keen interest in movies, shows, gaming  and sports drives my life. I believe in the quote "teach a man how to fish.." and that is why i believe enactus can make a difference.
Manish Dabas, COE, II Year. I love life!  Everyday is a new experience and  I'm really enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in life.  A sportsman, highly passionate for cricket and always keen to explore new places."Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" is what drove me towards ENACTUS.
A second year student pursuing Information Technology. I love to explore new places, listen to music and I'm really enthusiastic about football. Learning about the work done by Enactus really inspired me to be a part of it. As they say “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”, I'm sure my little effort will also contribute to help Enactus achieve it's goal.
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